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"I am a brand new person! There is nothing like one-on-one training and having someone by your side making sure that you do all your moves correctly without injuring yourself. I have never been so motivated to change my life-style and live healthier. I’ve danced and been physically active all of my life and have never been more physically fit than at this moment in my life. I have seen my body transform in the last 10 months and it’s incredible to me. I feel better now than when I was in my late teens, early twenties. I owe it all to Arrisson." - Leslie

"Before Arrison, I worked-out on my own and never saw the results I was working so hard to achieve. It was frustrating so I would stop working out and get discouraged. Since I have been training with Arrison I have seen more results in 6 months than I have seen in yearsof working out on my own. It’s encouraging and it makes me look forward to working out and working hard every day." - Robert   




"In the last 6 months my body has changed and you can see a difference in my arms, they are more defined, and my stomach and legs are much more firm. I suffer from scoliosis and it used to show a lot, especially when I would wear a tight dress. Now you can hardly notice it at all because my back muscles are stronger. I absolutely feel much healthier and have never been happier with my body. I even feel more energized." -Wendy

"Hard work and dedication pays off! Working out with Arrisson has changed my body in a way I could have never done on my own. I have been with other personal trainers, but saw NO result. I’m very happy with the way I look and feel! Thanks Arrisson!!!" - Liz

"I have been training with Arrisson for the past 8 months. I am very happy with the results thus far. Within weeks I could see the inches drop off. My body is more toned than ever! I have spent the last 20 years going to gyms and exercise classes. I was always resistant to personal trainers and thought I could do it by myself. I am happy I decided to start training. With Arrisson, you see results in no time. He has the experience and knowledge to understand a woman’s body. He will work on your body’s “problem areas” until they are no longer problems. My body looks better today than I did when I was 20. My friends and family notice the difference. He is dedicated to each of his clients. He is always available to train you, even when your work and life schedule get difficult. I look forward to attending my training sessions. I am very excited about my progress and look forward to future results." - Michelle



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